Rusland Valley Reading Group

The Rusland Valley Reading Group (12 people) meets monthly and reads a wide range of books from short stories to climbing books, classical novels to biography. We want to encourage others to do the same, but feel that 12 is the maximum number of people that can hold one discussion – so if you are interested, there’s no reason why Rusland shouldn’t have more groups!

BOOKS for the 2018-2019 SEASON:

Sept 2019 books: ‘The Mitford Girls‘ by Mary S. Lovell
and  ‘Love in a Cold Climate‘ by Nancy Mitford
Meeting: Thursday 19th Sept, Venue: Oxen Park (Tamsin)

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Already read this season:

September 2018 book: ‘The Seige’ and ‘The Betrayal’ by Helen Dunmoor
Meeting: Thursday 20th September, Oxen Park (Mandy Lane)

October 2018 book: ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker
Meeting: Thursday 18th October, Crosslands (Gay Jarvis)

November 2018 book: ‘A Far Cry from Kensington’ by Murial Spark.
Meeting: Thursday 15th November, High Dale Park (Jan Benefield

January 2019 book:Buddenbrooks‘ by Thomas Mann
Meeting: Thursday 17th January, Wednesday 30th January, New House, Oxen Park (Sarah Emslie)

February 2019 book: The Loney‘ by Andrew Hurley
Meeting: Thursday 21st February, Bobbin Mill, Force Forge (Sue Brooks)

March 2019 book:The Children Act‘ by Ian McEwan
Meeting: Thursday 21st March, venue Jan Benefield (High Dale Park)

April 2019 book: ‘The Honorary Consul by Graham Greene
Meeting: Thursday 18th April, venue: Pam Priestley (Bandrake Head)

May 2019 book: A Spell of Winter‘ by Helen Dunmoor
Meeting: Thursday 16th May, venue: Helen Adams, Light Hall, Rusland

June 2019 book: ‘The Accidental Tourist‘ by Ann Tyler
Meeting: Thursday 20th June, venue: Mandy Lane, Lilac Cottage, Oxen Park

July 2019 book: ‘The Shepherd’s Life‘ by James Rebanks
Meeting: Thursday 18th July, venue: Liz Cringle, Low Dale Park.

See Past Booklists:

Complete Book List from 2004 (Excel format)